About us

About Us

Fitwolf enables. It takes pride in encouraging your inclination towards a fitter lifestyle. At Fitwolf, we don't claim to be magicians. But we promise to help you build confidence. The gymwear that makes you look good while you feel good, whether you're breaking a sweat or after, as you let your hair down. Our collection is uniquely designed to offer comfort, performance and style to help you stay motivated and feel good while pursuing your athletic endeavours. From the gym to the street, Fitwolf has your back. Fitwolf promises to be Strength on your Skin.


Our Values

Be the best- We don’t make products just to be slightly different than what is already on the market. Our products have to be better, much better. Otherwise there is no point.
    Lead not follow -The culture at Fitwolf is defined by innovation. Our innovation is driven by pure passion for the products. Everyone who works at Fitwolf is a daily user of the products, so the anticipation for the next collection is shared by the entire team. If something doesn’t genuinely excite us, we don’t do it.
    Exceed expectations- We are an activewear brand and infusing performance in each product is our primary goal. We have direct access to the most current innovations and technologies in textile manufacturing. This gives us the ability to integrate the newest technical features into our designs.
    Smart and stylish- Dressing for the gym and workout gear for men is as much about substance as it is style. At Fitwolf, we strive for not only functional activewear but the one that is stylish and versatile enough to take you from the gym to the street.
    Be honest- We believe that integrity should be at the heart of everything we do. It's about being open, honest and respectful at all times with our colleagues and our customers.